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Reflections at 37.

37 and reflecting on the last year. Do I wish I could go back a year, back before all this world chaos? Nope. I don’t. Why? Because I was asleep back then - ignorance was bliss. I’m awake now. I definitely wouldn’t call it fun, because I’ve learned what true evil exists in this world. But it’s caused things to arise inside of me that were hiding. Patriotism. A deep need to fight for humanity. To stand up for what’s good. To stand up against EVIL. Because dang - it exists - more than most people want to know. I’m standing up for my children. For their children. For ALL children. Especially for the ones who are suffering the most - and sadly, there are many. It’s scary, what’s actually going on and been hidden from us.

But I’m not living in fear. My trust in God is unshakable. I know that in the end, God wins. LOVE wins. I could go on with life and pretend it’s not happening, or I can stand up for truth and what I believe in. I’m choosing the latter. So when it may seem that I don’t care about others, please know that I’m actually standing up for YOU. I care deeply about YOU and all good people in this world. You maybe just don’t realize it.


So, 37 is good. I’m finally coming into who God wants me to be - although I know he’s got a lot more work and growing for me to do.


I’ve also been studying the constitution, and our founding fathers (who had faults just like every human). These men had our best interest when they wrote it. True Patriots who I respect. Can we get back to this? Because this is the America I am proud to be a part of


“All human beings, regardless of gender, status, wealth, and religion, are born equally free and with the right to the enjoyment of life, liberty, and property and the right to the pursuit of happiness. These natural rights are born with us, exist within us, and cannot be taken from us by any human power without taking our lives. Moreover, these rights formed fundamental law to which all man made systems of domination or governance were subordinate.”

-Sean Patrick from The Know Your Bill of Rights Book

(Thanks for the cool photo Carly Navarette:)

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